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Oisin Carr

Video Production Lead

Creating online content since 2011, Osh has built a diverse portfolio of work in digital video and has worked with brands such as Amazon, eBay and Surfshark. His work has generated over half a billion views on YouTube alone.

Passionate about the opportunities for brands and agencies in the digital video space. An early adopter of vertical video formats, Osh has built audiences of hundreds of thousands across TikTok, Instagram, and now YouTube Shorts, embracing the opportunities and the challenges of the format.

Working in these environments, Osh has become an expert on using cutting-edge and cost effective techniques to create amazing video content efficiently for clients creating substantial ROI, engagement, and impact.


Miranda Evans

Video Production Specialist

Working in online video since 2016, Miranda excels in making tight deadlines and targets work for clients, which have recently included Sky Cinema, League of Legends, and eOne.

A talented videographer and director, Miranda is able to combine the practicalities of organizing large-scale online shoots with creative work that delights clients.

As a digital native, Miranda has become an expert at bringing virality to our short-form content and is constantly at the forefront of innovating new engagement formats for clients.


David Symmons

Head of Distribution

Having headed up TAN Media’s publisher team for the last 4 years, distribution specialist David has been at the helm of billions of impressions for some of the world’s leading brands.

His media buying experience ensures that your campaign is being seen in all the right places and that performance is at the heart of any campaign, either in social or publisher environments. Having worked with leading publishers for many years, he can help extend social campaigns across premium websites. 


James Murphy

Branded Content Lead 

James has over 20-years’ experience in branded content, having cut his teeth on some of Disney’s first podcasts. He’s worked for the BBC and Press Association, and this year was a judge for the final round of the CMA International Content Marketing Awards.

Having produced video, audio and the written word, James has a 360-degree understanding of what makes great brand content, and how you can use multiple channels together for maximum impact. 


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