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Brands and platforms are switching to short-form video

Social platforms have become content hungry monsters, demanding more and more video, on more and more platforms. Orange creates on-brand content that connects with your audience.

Discover why you can't ignore video

We take the effort & stress out of video production and distribution

Are you missing out on key new audiences for your brand?


There are 57.6 million social media users in the UK - 84.3% of the population


The first-party data networks possess means you can ensure you’re reaching your exact target audience


On average, consumers are watching nearly 20 hours of video a week online, driven by smartphone use. It’s impossible to ignore video marketing in 2023


85% of millennials have purchased a product after watching a video

From social ads to on-brand content, Orange creates or repurposes on-demand

Discover a range of our content formats

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